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About Us

Here at in3Dgallery we look for passion!
We love our work, new technologies and everything that concerns the innovation.

Every team member at in3Dgallery has the chance to express himself and explore the world of communication; we are truly convinced that the forward-looking idea, the perfect inspiration, can come from everything around us: be it a beautiful Tuscan hill or a little yellow mini pony on the desktop!

We do believe that the best success can only come from a real team work, cooperation between different identities can only make you grow and achieve great results and this is why we decided to work in an open space: let people talk to each other and let new ideas flourish.

Our strength resides in our team which is our first resource, our customers know that we are able to work day and night, restlessly, to solve their problems and this is not because we HAVE TO do it, but because WE CARE. This is exactly what we are looking for to integrate new people in our staff: passion. It all comes to that.

Our international team allows the company to bring the perfect result thanks to a mix of style and technical knowledge. Our Italian soul makes our products look better and our American side helps it to be technically perfect.

If you love all of it, why don't you look at our "Open jobs position" page? It's only a click away!