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Frequently Asked Questions

in3Dgallery is cloud based tool that can be used with an in3Dgallery account. You can use in3Dgallery to create presentations online and play them back from anywhere using a browser and an Internet connection.

in3Dgallery is working both on Mac and Windows through the use of a browser.

in3Dgallery can be accessed using Internet Explorer 9 or above, Firefox 20 or above, Google Chrome 20 or above, installing the Unity WebPlayer plugin.

The main advantage is that you can access your presentations from anywhere in the world using a browser and an internet connection. The presentations you create can be shared with anyone and played back online.

You can contact the support team of in3Dgallery by emailing us at

in3Dgallery offers a large list of templates to choose from. The templates can be easily enriched with your own contents.

in3Dgallery is in Beta now and is completely free. We plan to have a free version for personal use and some premium plans with increasing features in the future.

This feature will be available soon for premium users through a desktop or mobile app able to play back the presentations offline after a sync process.

Yes, you can upload your existing presentations into in3Dgallery. in3Dgallery supports the following file formats:
• .png
• .pdf
• .jpg

Each file that you upload or import into in3Dgallery should be less than 10 MB in size. There is no limit for the number of files that you can import into in3Dgallery.

Yes, you can. If you are logged in and you're the owner of a presentation, you can simply click the "delete" button and confirm your choice. Deleting a presentation cannot be undone.

Yes, in3Dgallery allows you to share a presentation remotely. You can use the Share button to email a message, containing a link, that will be sent to your address. They can use this link to look at your presentation from their computers.

All the changes you make to a presentation that has been published are automatically shared upon saving the presentation itself.

No, the presentation cannot be printed.

in3Dgallery offers editing capabilities at any time. All of your presentations can be edited. New slides can be inserted, existing slides can be edited and duplicated. Slides and 3D models can be resized and rotated.

The dotted rounded corner boxes with text in them that are available on each template are called placeholders. You can edit the placeholders and replace them with images, videos or 3D models.

The different types of placeholder supported are Pictures, Videos and 3D models

Yes, in3Dgallery supports animation between slides. You can embed video/audio files.

The presentations that you create or import into in3Dgallery are public by default. With the premium plan you'll be able to hide the presentation from the public listing and share them with specific people only.

A public presentation is a presentation that can be viewed by everyone. This presentation will also be available on the portal section of in3Dgallery website. A private presentation is a presentation that is shared with a selected audience. This can only be viewed by the people it is shared with and won't be published in the presentations portal.

With in3Dgallery, you can share your presentation anywhere and anytime. You don't need to be in the room to deliver a presentation. You can invite the participants to attend your presentation from a remote location. The participants will be able to view the presentation and move through the slides.

Yes, with our premium plan "offline presenter" feature, you can download your presentation while you have an internet connection available and play it back offline without the need of an internet connection.