in3Dgallery 3D presentations

How To

How to make your presentation stand out in an easy way.

Watch this quick video tutorial to learn how to use in3Dgallery

or follow the step by step instructions.

1. Choose a template

Context Is As Important As Content. Make your presentation stick in the mind of your audience!
Choose your favorite template between our selection and proceed to the next step.

2. Import content

Mix your media and tell your story! You can import your contents connecting to a Facebook account or uploading them from your computer. We currently support the following file formats: PDF, JPG, PNG (with transparency support) for static images, OGG for video and OBJ for 3D models*

Creating a presentation for the first time will allow you to access the autofill feature which will automatically fills all the available placeholders with your contents, just click "OK" when the dialogue box appears.

*importing 3D file is experimental, support is limited to models downloaded from by Autodesk. 3D models with more than 65,000 polygons per mesh cannot be imported.

3. Playback your presentation

After loading completes, you can choose the way you want to playback your 3D presentation, whichever mode you choose just press ESC (or Exit button) to go back to the "Presentation Mode" selection.

You can choose between 3 playback modes:

Slideshow: slide by slide presentation (as on Keynote, PowerPoint and similar) enriched by an amazing cinematic movement. You can skip to the next or previous slide by pressing the white arrows on the screen or using the right and left arrows on your keyboard. Clicking the Play button will enable the Autoplay mode which will automatically move to the "next" slide every 5 seconds.

Fly Through: Experience the prebuilt cinematic camera path. Just press the button, lie down on your couch and watch the screen!

Walk Through: Explore the 3D space by freely moving around the environment. You can move using the arrow keys (or WASD for the extreme gamers ;) ) or by clicking the left mouse button where you want to move to (similar to Google StreetView movement). Keeping the left mouse button pressed while dragging will move the viewpoint.

during playback mode you can switch audio off by simply clicking the "music" button on the screen.

4. Edit your content

With Edit Mode switched to "ON" you can add new contents or change the contents already included into the presentation.

Editing content is easy, just keep the left mouse button pressed over an empty placeholder or over a previously loaded content untile the spinning icon reaches the end. Select your favorite content from the side bar and use the "frame" button to add or change the frame of your image.

Every slide can be moved, scaled or rotated while in Edit Mode, keep the left mouse pressed over the "crossed arrows" symbol and drag the mouse to move. Use the slider on the left to scale and the slider on the bottom to rotate. When you feel that your editing is complete, just click the "DONE" button to save and proceed, or press "CANCEL" to undo the changes.

5. Share the presentation

By clicking the "share" button you will open to the sharing dialogue box. The presentation can be shared as an URL, posted to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ or sent by email to your contacts (fill in the form with the recipient's email, write a message and press Send).

Moreover, every presentation can be embedded on a pre-existing website or blog as you usually do with Youtube videos. Just copy the content of the "embed" area and paste it in your favorite CMS or HTML editor.

Click here to understand how to embed in3Dgallery on wordpress.

NB: in3Dgallery requires users to install the Unity3D webplayer plugin.